European Cloud Computing Strategy

The main objective of CKC is to promote projects that will lead to the training of 125,000 Romanian experts in the field of cloud computing by 2020. This should increase Romania’s GDP with 8bn euros according to EC’s estimations. CKC is currently monitoring the implementation of EC’s European Cloud Computing Strategy as part of Digital agenda for Europe. A number of project proposals in the area of cloud computing are currently being defined.

In order to reach this objective CKC is actively building a network of persons from top Romanian and European universities in order to be able. Training the professors and researchers from universities is the first priority of CKC’s projects. This is the objective of the Knowledge Economy and Cloud COmputing(KECCO) program.

Any professor or researcher from Romanian or European universities is welcome to join the CKC network. Please fill in the contact form or leave a reply here for more information.

2 Comments on “European Cloud Computing Strategy

  1. Hello
    I have worked Cloud Computing, Intelligent Transport Systems(Mobile Cloud Computing) and Semantic Web(Social Networks) that I am interested in cooperate in the development of your projects as a PhD student. Would you help me?

  2. I want to become a member of CKC network.

    My contact details:
    West University of Timisoara,
    Faculty of Economics and Business Administration,
    Department of Business Information Systems.