Cyber_Education, Cloud_Education and K5-K8 Curricular Reform

CKC initiated a number of three projects dedicated to improving the curricula of Romanian educational institutions in the areas of cybersecurity, cloud computing, big data, social networks, mobile programming and coding for children. The acronyms of the projects are: Cyber_Education, Cloud_Education and K5-K8 Curricular Reform. Additional details are available below:

Project name Description Status
CYBER_EDUCATION Nine major universities from Romania were invited to team up in order to create a modern curricula of Cybersecurity and educational laboratories. The project was supposed to be financed by the European Union. The project was initiated by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies( It shall educate experts in cybersecurity. Invitations were sent in Jan 2017, consortium created, waiting for the EU to publish the call


The project is linked to CYBER_EDUCATION and it targets technologies such as cloud computing, big data, social networks and mobile programming. All these technologies support and require cybersecurity. The project also has a module for developing cybersecurity curricula for users. It is similar to CYBER_EDUCATION in terms of timing and financing with minor changes in terms of partners. Invitations were sent in Jan 2017, consortium created, waiting for the EU to publish the call
K5-K8 curricular reform The project modernized the curricula of the elementary schools in Romania(5th to 8th grade, kids aged 11 to 14) in the area of Information Technology and Computer Science. A small cybersecurity awareness part was inserted together with coding, 3D modelling and virtual robots&drones. The new curricula followed the principles of Prof. Seymour Papert from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, promoter of constructionism.  The project was implemented pro-bono. Completed in Feb 2017, an activity of training the trainers will be completed in Aug 2017


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