Program your future

CyberKnowledge Club, Crystal System and Bucharest University of Economic Studies organizes free ABAP, JAVA and introductory programming classes in Bucharest.
We are addressing those who have not been in touch with the SAP world so far or who have even completely circumvented the extremely interesting field of software development.

Our course can include:

● Students studying at IT faculties or related faculties. These students can follow the ABAP or JAVA sections;
● Students who do not study at IT faculties but want to learn computer programming. These students can follow the INTRO section.

Each section will be completed with a test to be awarded the prizes presented in the hall of the Cibernetica Faculty, Calea Dorobantilor 15-17. The competition can be attended by students from any university in Romania.
Sign up to join with those who will succeed in tomorrow’s economy. With us you can learn what you need to succeed in computer science.
If you enroll in this course you are most likely a person willing to learn a new technology with an analytical thinking and good problem-solving skills. The minimum knowledge you need to take part in this course refers to general computer skills (text editing, file copying from one directory to another). Presenting and installing the development environment and providing the necessary technical resources we are dealing with.
If this course seems to you too easy, contact us to talk and identify your place in the Crystal team.

Besides numerous job offers, first 4 prizes consist in electric scooters!


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