Voluntary Integration of Ecolabel Concept in the Entrepreneurial Culture of Guesthouses in Bucovina - Impact Study


  • Pavel Stanciu “Ștefancel Mare” University of Suceava
  • Cristian Valentin Hapenciuc “Ștefancel Mare” University of Suceava
  • Andrei Alexandru Moroșan “Ștefancel Mare” University of Suceava
  • Gabriela Arionesei (Gaube) “Ștefancel Mare” University of Suceava


Rural Guesthouses, Bucovina, Ecolabel, Sustainable Tourism Development, Advocacy


Integrating the concept of sustainable development in rural tourism entrepreneurship involves a convergent analysis, qualitative and quantitative, of the socio-economic elements with potential susceptible to being ecologically valued. From this point of view, the European Ecolabel - seen as part of a much broader EU strategy, strongly sustainable oriented – is grafted on promotion of rational production, energy sustainability, social and environmental responsibility, preservation of the rustic environment and balanced tourism consumption and, from a pragmatic point of view, may represent an important milestone for guesthouses administrators in Bucovina.

Based on these considerations, this paper aims to analyze the degree of maturation of the entrepreneurial culture in rural guesthouses in Bucovina. The scientific approach consisted of highlighting the determination that guesthouses managers had in voluntary integrating the ecolabel concept and the principles of sustainable tourism in guesthouse policy, having as basis an interview type research, doubled by an analysis of the online tourist visibility of the units.

The research involved 64 accommodation units of the 226 rural guesthouses in Bucovina. The results suggest that tourism entrepreneurs are not, at least not yet, willing / ready to accept the adoption of European quality values synthesized as organic label without a concerted campaign of advocacy in this area. 




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Stanciu, P., Hapenciuc, C. V., Moroșan, A. A., & Arionesei (Gaube), G. (2015). Voluntary Integration of Ecolabel Concept in the Entrepreneurial Culture of Guesthouses in Bucovina - Impact Study. International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories, 5(5), 510-517. Retrieved from http://cyberknowledgeclub.org/index.php/ijept/article/view/Voluntary_Integration_of_Ecolabel_Concept_in_the_Entrepreneuri