The Liberalization of the Electricity and Gas Markets - Top Priority for the Romania's Energy Security


  • Anamaria Cristina Andrei The Bucharest University of Economic Studies


Vulnerable Consumers, Energy Poverty, Energy Efficiency, Public Services, Energy SecurityVulnerable Consumers, Energy Security


Currently, the diminution of the essential resources both nationally and internationally is a problem that world economies will have to find solutions. This will require thus rethinking their management to create a new economic and social dynamic. In order to achieve an internal European energy market competitive and functional, Commission and European Parliament issued the third legislative package for the construction of this legal framework. The main purpose is the separation of the competition areas from those areas that constitute natural monopolies and regulated prices but also the utilization of the advantages that first can bring through optimal use of resources.

Under the new European regulations, it becomes a necessity and a priority for Romania to take adequate political, legislative and administrative measures to reduce the pressure on the final consumer of energy (whether it is domestic or non-domestic consumers) and to decrease the number of vulnerable consumers.




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