Proximity Market, the New Trend Approved by the Consumer’s Behavior


  • Ana Maria Giurea The Bucharest University of Economic Studies


Beacons, Consumer, Proximity, Market, Smartphone


The purpose of the paper entitled “Proximity market, the new trend approved by the consumer’s behavior” is to inform the audience regarding the new marketing trends adopted by companies. These trends have a positive impact on the proximity market. The companies’ objectives are to maximize financial resources, attract customers and increase their fidelity by satisfying their continuously developing needs. We cannot deny the fact that digital marketing plays a major role in the business environment and in today’s economy. The strategies of marketing specialists attempt to attract and build fidelity among customers, not by the use of physical dissemination materials but through the means of the approved accustomed technology, which is at the customers’ disposal. The paper underlines the development of proximity marketing, as a way of communication between firms and clients. The importance of the mobile phone/tablet has become indispensable for keeping the customers informed. This fact has determined a strong influence that digital impact has on the consumer’s behavior. The paper explains the extent to which the new proximity technologies (devices that emit notification signals – beacons) are present in the sectors of economy worldwide, mainly in the developed countries. With the help of surveys (quantitative instruments) made by various marketing specialists we can notice that in the near future of digital market, the proximity towards the customer will become the new strategy adopted by companies in order to satisfy the client’s needs.




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