Factors Influencing Environmentally Friendly Behaviors. An Exploratory Study on Braşov Residents


  • Elena Nicoleta Untaru Transilvania University of Brasov
  • Adina Nicoleta Candrea Transilvania University of Brasov
  • Ana Ispas Transilvania University of Brasov
  • Gheorghe Epuran Transilvania University of Brasov


Environmental Education, Environmentally Friendly Behaviors, In-Depth Interview, Residents, Specific Infrastructure


The present paper aims to investigate the factors which influence the adoption of environmentally friendly behaviors by the citizens of Braşov, as well as the means, resources and tools that local authority offers to residents in order to stimulate this behavior. In this sense, a qualitative research was conducted, using semi directive in-depth interviews, among 13 residents from the city of Braşov, Romania. The selection of the interviewed subjects was based on their involvement in environmentally friendly activities. The results outline several influence factors of the respondents’ environmentally friendly behaviors, such as: the level of environmental education, the awareness concerning environmental problems, the time required for the adoption of environmentally friendly activities, the standard of living in Romania, development of specific local infrastructure, the institutional and legislative framework on environmental protection, the comfort and willingness to conform to group norms. Thus, the involvement of individuals in environmentally friendly activities should be based on the judicious combination of all factors that influence the adoption of such behavior.




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Untaru, E. N., Candrea, A. N., Ispas, A., & Epuran, G. (2015). Factors Influencing Environmentally Friendly Behaviors. An Exploratory Study on Braşov Residents. International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories, 5(5), 579-589. Retrieved from http://cyberknowledgeclub.org/index.php/ijept/article/view/Factors_Influencing_Environmentally_Friendly_Behaviors_An_Expl